Mother’s Love

You know the expression, “If it’s not one thing, it’s your Mother?” I don’t think I have one client (including myself) who hasn’t grappled with issues around their mother. I’ve also noticed with the healing work I do that when women receive benefit from my work, often one of the first people they will share it will is their mother or their daughter. 

With Mother’s day around the corner, I’ve been reflecting my relationship with my own mother and the complexities that surround mother-child relationships. Although we’ve certainly had our differences, I have come to a place in my life where I appreciate my mother more than ever before. 

Last year a wrote a song called Mother’s Love in appreciation of my mother, mothers in general, motherly love, mother earth and mothering energy. In celebration of mothers and mother’s day, I’m sharing the song with you and the reflections that accompany it in the book/CD Vibration Project:

Mother’s Love is not just a song about my wonderful mother, although her love and generosity was certainly a big inspiration for it. Mother’s Love also speaks of the Earth mother, any child’s mother, creation, life. In fact, as I was writing it and reflecting on the nature of a Mother’s Love, I began to understand that Love itself IS the Mother, where all Creation begins. 

The Love A Child Needs

The energy of motherly love is something that is essential to the healthy development of a baby. Without it, a child will be missing some very fundamental elements for becoming ‘well-adjusted’ psychologically, emotionally and socially. 

When I teach classes on sensory development in children, one of the things that often comes up is the need that a child has to simply be held, and to be held for as long as is needed and know that its mother won’t let go prematurely.

Mother’s Love is unconditional and never ending. With this love, we feel secure, safe and nurtured, and we have less of a need to protect ourselves from the world, so we can relax and be more playful and joyful — like a child.

Mother Earth has given us this Love and, as a whole, we have abused her generosity. My song Mother’s Love is also a plea to Mother Earth to forgive us for our unconsciousness and shortsightedness and to help us remember our connection to the boundless Love, Life and Creative power that is within all of us and that binds all of us as One. 

Check out the Vibration Project CD/book

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  • Richdilling

    That is a beautiful song. Thank you for creating it, and sharing it with us all.
    We all need to be reminded sometimes that she is just a person doing her best while she is here. We all make mistakes… Share with her a divine love.. Knowing she is doing her best and is not perfect.. just as you were not a perfect child. She filled you up with love and support.

    • Karen J. Atkins

      Thanks, Rich! I agree!